Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do you post to all of Australia

We sure do, we don't care if your in the metro or in the bush. When you place an order, we ship it there.

How long does delivery take

As soon as we receive an order the processing commences. We don't wait until the working week! Orders due to couriers can take up to 15 working days.

How can I return a product

We have a 30 Day return policy. In the unlikeli event that you want to return a product, please get in contact with the team on the chat or contact us page.

What time are you open

We love sinks and taps, we are never closed. You can order from us at anytime or reach out to us on the chat, if we are not asleep you'll get an instant response!

Which kitchen sinks is best Flush, Top or Undermount sinks

Hard one to answer! All kitchen sink finishes look great, Flush mount sinks give a smooth finish from the workbench to the start of the sink. Top mount is not only easy to install but also shows of the clean lines of the kitchen sink border. Undermount kitchen sink provides an uninterrupted view of the workbench. No easy choice, all sinks look fab, check out our kitchen sink range at