Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks Have An Edge In The Kitchen – How and Why?

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks Have An Edge In The Kitchen – How and Why? - 2 Magpies - Kitchen and Bathroom Sink and Tap Suppliers

Double bowl kitchen sinks can be found in different sizes, starting from 9 inches to 40 inches, and even sometimes higher. To buy a sink, you have to first know the purpose of using it and how should it be used. Let us say, the kitchen sink is needed for food preparation, then you will need to install a 24-inches long sink or a smaller one for complementing the main sink.

The bigger families will always need the 30inches sinks coming with a single bowl. But if a double bowl sink is needed, then the kitchen space should be bigger, since its sizes are seldom under 30 inches. Kitchen sinks larger than 36 inches are oversized sinks. Apart from the kitchen sink length and bowl depth, usefulness plays the key driving role.

Double Bowl Sinks Are Built With More Merits and Credits

Double bowl sinks present significant advantages stating their efficient uses along with multitasking. Rather, these double bowl sinks are for particular families since their main requirement is a larger space compared to the single bowl sinks fitting to 30-inches of space.

In the first place, the bowls' increased volume enables them to handle a lot more utensils to be washed at a time, in a much more organized manner. Hence, work becomes faster, thereby marking kitchen efficiency.

With the double bowl sinks installed, dishwashing becomes much easier. You will have to properly plan to make maximum use of and derive triple times results from the double bowl sinks. After becoming familiar with using the double bowl sinks, you shall be happy since cleanups and cooking improves.

Using the Double Bowl Sinks For Washing Dishes

Placed side by side, the bowls of the double bowl sinks appear of the same size. In a few designs, there is a garbage disposal feature on one side of the sink. You can use the other side of the dish to store the dishes where there is no garbage disposal.

Before you wash the dishes, make sure to scrape food into the garbage disposal bin, stack dishes on the counter and fill the other bowl using water and soap solution. Keep the dishes soaked in water for washing and once finished, move them to the other side to be rinsed and dried.

Double Bowl Sinks Are Better During Food Preparation

The norm for using the double bowl sinks for food preparation is using the sink's one side to rinse the food items like vegetables, fish and meat. Once rinsing is completed, the area is to be cleaned and disinfected for preventing germs and bacteria from the meat to get spread across the sink.

The other side of the sink is proper for peeling vegetables.

Such an arrangement is a boon for maintaining a clear demarcation between the areas being used for food preparation. There is no chance of meat and vegetables getting mixed inside the sink. Contamination chances go from zero to null since the germs coming from meat are already prevented from spreading.

Proper usage is the underlying concern justifying your choice for a single-bowl or a double-bowl kitchen sink. Everything is determined by cooking and cleaning habits. Indeed, the double bowl kitchen sinks are great for doing a lot of tasks simultaneously, since these offer additional space and working options. As you get used to it, you shall overcome all the troubles you encountered in the beginning. The foremost benefit is it adds to the usable kitchen space while extending the work area. Such a benefit is not administered by the single bowl sinks which have an apron as extra space. Double bowl sinks are excellent for maintaining cleaner kitchens added by their garbage disposal feature.

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