How to Decide Between Pull Down and Pull Out Mixer Taps?

How to Decide Between Pull Down and Pull Out Mixer Taps? - 2 Magpies - Kitchen and Bathroom Sink and Tap Suppliers

.Varied kitchen taps of different shapes, designs and sizes indeed make it tough to choose the best one for installation. The reason is the choices are backed by aesthetics and practical approaches. While browsing through most stores, you might still wonder whether the style should be chosen or not. In this instance, keep in mind two prominently existing styles are the pullout mixer taps and pull-down mixer taps.

Learning some details about their differences will rather bring up a clear picture before your eyes.

The Differences Between Pull Out Mixers and Pull Down Mixers

The names might sound quite similar, but still, we have to note "out" and "down" which separates them from their benefits, features, and drawbacks.

The Pullout Mixer Taps

The pullout mixer taps are the installation offering a nozzle and hose literally pulling out and away from the fixture. This perfectly matches the bathroom and kitchen taps. The taps can be moved around multiple sinks even as far as the remaining kitchen counter at times. Featured by a fairly short structure occupying little space, the pullout mixer taps look somewhat quaint.

The Merits of Pullout Mixer Taps

  • Installation mobility is the most cherished advantage. You can shift the tap somewhat further if needed to fill the jars and pots. In this way, you can water the plants on countertops.

  • Everything need not be brought to the sink, since it should be kept away.

  • A balanced nozzle eliminates splashback. Even if it is kept open, you won't be showered in the off-spray.

  • Its compact size is a boon to the limited space where tap installation is a necessity.

A Few Demerits

  • The main downside of the pullout mixer tap is you cannot fill up taller pitchers, jars and pitchers. Its height is low and tilting is difficult.

  • The pullout mixer taps need higher maintenance on being installed, which is further determined of being used.

  • These kinds offer no aesthetic value, and despite dressing up, they will only look average.

The Pull Down Mixer Tap

The pull-down mixer taps are the tap fixtures with built-in and snout systems enabling them to be pulled down closer to the sink as needed. A noticeably high neck arc looking much trendy and in fashion is the identity of a top-rated pull-down tap. They are available in various colours, styles and finishes which sum up them a practical fixture.

The Noteworthy Merits of Pull Down Mixer Taps

  • The pull-down mixer taps prove to be of practical advantage for filling tall jars, pots, and pitchers. Other tap types lack the height these are having.

  • You need not angle your kettle or jar in sideways to fill them up when you have the pulldown mixer taps. Filling to the brim becomes easier.

  • A high arc on the tap's neck is the actual blessing.

  • You can bring it right down into the deeper sinks for powering spray to clean the sink base.

A Few Demerits of the Pull Down Mixer Taps

  • The high neck arc also brings up a few contrasting downsides along with the manifold benefits.

  • Space is a major concern. Installation takes up a lot of overhead space around the sink, and it might become a non-option if you have a low-hanging cabinet above the sink.

  • Splashback is another noticeable con. This nozzle's design tends to lend itself to somewhat of a splashback with the tap being open full–ball.

  • There are times when a high neck is a reason behind a slight water pressure loss.

Who Wins Between Pull Out and Pull Down Mixer Taps?

Preference and situation sum up the decision of choice. A deep sink matches up to a pulldown mixture tap while a pullout mixer tap is a right choice to use the tap flexibly right across the countertop. An overhead sink space is limited, so the compact design of the pullout mixer tap is the right choice. To fill the tall pitchers, jugs and pots, a high-neck pull-down tap is a right choice. Your situation should be assessed and compared with the given information to make a solid decision.


Pullout mixer taps and pulldown mixer taps cannot be called competitors. Each has its own usefulness measured by merits and demerits. To choose among the ones, take a look at your sink and the surrounding. Analyze whatever we have discussed here, then go ahead to make a purchase.

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