POSEIDON - Aura Back Lit LED Mirror 600 mm (W)


As one of Australia’s leading providers of premium quality bathroom products, Poseidon balances style and performance to create masterpieces in the bathroom settings.

These bathroom mirrors balance both style and affordability meeting the Australian high standards for LED within the Bathroom.


  • LED backlit mirror with smart touch free sensor 

  • Copper-free coated glass; resists fogging for perfect clarity

  • Three lights: Daylight -6,000 K ; cool white – 4,000 K ; warm yellow light – 3,000 K


  • 12 months, 50,000 hours on life span (Light Strip)



Material Copper-free coated glass
Size 600 (W) x 900mm (H)
Installation Type Wall mounted, with hanging bracket on the back
Plug & Hardwired 50-60 Hz with a 1m hardwire and plug output 
Features Smart touch free sensor design, easy to operate. Resists fogging. Defogging works when light is on. 
Thickness 5mm LED mirror, total 33mm thickness fo the whole mirror
Shape Arched 
Voltage 12 V
SAA Approved SAA certificated concealed power cord and LED light strip
Light position Backlit