How To Choose The Best Bathroom Taps Matching Your Vanity?

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Taps Matching Your Vanity?

When it comes to bathroom renovations, your bathroom tapware may seem like a minor or even overlooked choice. But believe us when we say that it is one of the most crucial elements in bringing your bathroom area together. You must think about bath tapware, shower tapware, and basin tapware, just like in most restrooms. For the best overall look and feel of the room, it is ideal if they all coordinate with your vanity. If you're pondering how to pick bathroom taps, read on. Continue reading to learn how to get the finest bathroom taps to go with your vanity.

What Varieties Of Tapware Are There?
Let's go over the various kinds of tapware before we start matching your vanity to your tapware.

Wall-Mounting taps
Wall-mounted taps are exactly what their name implies—taps installed on walls that stick out from either a bath or a sink, or both! Due to the hidden pipes in these taps, repairs can be messy and expensive.

Brass Tapware 
Brass tapware is a timeless standard that defies convention, despite recent trends favouring matte and chrome tapware finishes. They are frequently found in traditional or historic houses. Its classy appearance will stick out in your bathroom. They are more expensive, though, and they risk losing their appeal over time. To guarantee longevity, you must choose the best quality.

Bath and Shower Mixer Taps
Bath and shower mixer taps offer hot and cold water options through a single spout, just like monobloc taps, but they also offer an additional shower head choice. It is incredibly convenient because you can operate both taps at once while maintaining exact control over the water's temperature.

Deck Mounted Taps
These are your typical, everyday buttons that you would typically find almost everywhere. Through the holes that have been drilled in the surfaces, they are immediately mounted on basins or baths.

Which Kind of Vanity Do You Have?
Pedestal Sink 
In essence, these are standard standing sinks without any storage options. Others may find this to be an aesthetically appealing aspect of a bathroom, while others may find it to be an inconvenience and somewhat troublesome. Depending on the quality of the craftsmanship, it could be a unique design element.

A standalone vanity also referred to as a floor-mounted vanity, is positioned directly on the floor with no additional wall support. Freestanding vanities, which are frequently thought of as traditional, actually come in a variety of prefabricated designs and colour choices. An excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts and homeowners equally!

On the other hand, what we have here is the exact antithesis of a freestanding vanity. This vanity "floats" by being attached to the wall, as its name implies. Due to its sleek and contemporary appearance, this has become a popular choice among householders. It is a great choice for small bathrooms and homes with children and senior citizens. Additionally, it gives your area more depth.

Vessel Sink
Vessel sinks are basins that would rest on top of a bathroom vanity as opposed to the under-mount or drop-in sinks that you would typically find in older houses. With the benefit of more storage space below, this modern and contemporary choice is simple to install.

Round Bathroom Vanity
Even though they are much smaller, for some people this may be their only access to a vanity. It is more compact thanks to its rounded design, making it a good fit for restrooms with limited space.

Which Taps Go With Your Vanity?
The enjoyable portion is now selecting the appropriate tapware to go with your vanity. Since bathroom taps are used frequently, you should spend your money on long-lasting, ornamental models.

You might want to choose a sleek and clean finish for contemporary bathroom designs. If you want to give your room a subtle shine, chrome or stainless steel are excellent choices.

Today, one of Australia's most common bathroom designs is this one. It is a nice blend of the old and the new, giving you more freedom to play around with your restroom area. It would be best to use matte-finish tapware in this situation, but they do leave fingerprints. For some people, that might be a consideration.

It is best to stick with a classic style for traditional homes to fit the atmosphere. Consider adding gold-finished tapware to further elevate your area. It makes a big impression and gives off a luxurious vibe thanks to its shiny finish.

Natural elements like earth-tone colours, wood accents, and warm-coloured fixtures are typically found in rustic-style restrooms. Brass tapware would give your bathroom a lovely organic touch to go with this warm outlook.
Other significant factors and considerations that will influence your choice are as follows:

- Cost
- Comfort or appearance
- Type of tapware
- Take into account your water flow
- Quality
- Fashion

    It is crucial to conduct independent research on the top Australian tapware manufacturers and to make a mood board to help you visualise the style you might be going for.

    So, should the taps on the bath and the sink match? No, and yes. Simply stated, if your bath and basin taps match, you cannot go wrong. Nevertheless, selecting the incorrect taps in terms of functionality can be problematic in a variety of ways. In the end, it is not necessary to synchronise the taps. For a unified appearance, it is strongly advised to stick with the same hue. You have the freedom to make your bathroom into the place of your dreams, whether that means choosing mismatched bath taps and bathroom sink taps or matching ones.

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