Why Stainless Steel is Used for Franke Kitchen Sink?

Why Stainless Steel is Used for Franke Kitchen Sink?

Franke kitchen sinks are renowned for their high level of craftsmanship and quality, providing extremely long-lasting designs. Franke sinks are made to last with functional uses in mind to satisfy functional needs without sacrificing style.


Franke kitchen sinks are excellent, particularly the amazing and durable quality of their sinks. Franke Sinks have been demonstrated to be scratch, stain, and heat resistant. They are also extremely durable, can handle heat, and prevent bacterial development.


Precision engineering and conventional workmanship served as the cornerstone upon which Franke was established. These principles still hold more than a century later, and they have assisted them in becoming the biggest kitchen sink manufacturer in the world by keeping an eye on the shifting requirements and lifestyles of their clients.


Despite being a material that has been around for 100 years, stainless steel continues to be a popular option for kitchens all over the globe. High-grade chrome-nickel steel is used to make Franke stainless steel. Its polished finish not only gives it a lovely, glistening surface that gets more refined with use, but it also makes it resistant to rust, heat, acid, and impacts, as well as simple to clean and naturally hygienic. A sustainable substance for kitchens, stainless steel is 100% recyclable and has a low environmental impact.


Clean water or a mild detergent solution applied with a soft cloth or sponge, thoroughly rinsed off, and then wiped dry is the best option for stainless steel. Through years of exposure and use, routine, easy, delicate cleaning will maintain both the corrosion protection and appearance of stainless steel.


Environmentally Friendly

Stainless steel is entirely recyclable and made without the use of hazardous waste. In actuality, 70% of the recycled steel used in Franke appliances originates from reliable sources around the world. Due to its long-lasting qualities, it is a sustainable option that will work well in any household.


Ecological and Sustainable

A product that is safe for the environment, 100% recyclable, sourced from waste, and made without toxic waste.



Because of its unique nickel and chrome compositions, AISI 304 18/10 steel is especially resistant to high temperatures. Its brilliance does not diminish with time; on the contrary, its allure and attractiveness grow.



Due to its resistance, hygienic qualities, and safety, Functional Steel is the material of choice for workers working in kitchens. Additionally, cleaning its non-porous surface is incredibly simple.


Easily Maintained

Steel is simple to keep; a few quick daily actions guarantee that it will continue to be enjoyable to use over time.


In the utility industry, Franke is a well-known brand. The cost of Franke basins is reasonable. They aren't the lowest, but they're also not outrageously expensive. In addition, you're investing in a reputable name. They are worth the money because you probably won't purchase another kitchen sink for many years.

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