Pro–Tips On Designing An Aesthetically Pleasing Guest Bathroom

Pro–Tips On Designing An Aesthetically Pleasing Guest Bathroom

Your sense of style and personality is frequently expressed in the way you decorate your home. Therefore it makes sense to want to be proud of how your home appears when friends and family stop by for a visit.

The guest bathroom is one space in your home that can offer a fascinating chance to demonstrate your talent for design. Your guest bathroom needs special consideration and cares if you value having a warm and well-decorated home.

Here are some suggestions for you to keep in mind whether creating a new guest bathroom or remodelling an existing one.

Give It A Sense Of Awe

Your home's bathroom should prioritise functionality while still reflecting your unique sense of flair. Nevertheless, your guest bathroom is where you get to get a little more artistic and show off.

Our general design advice for guest bathrooms is to make it appear as though an interior designer handled every detail, even if you handled every detail yourself!

You need to think boldly and embrace long-lasting designs and trends if you want to reach the wow factor we're talking about. The beautiful thing about going all out with such designs in a guest bathroom is that it will be far less expensive for you to make changes when trends do eventually change compared to completely redoing your master bathroom, as your guest bathroom will undoubtedly be a smaller space.

The following elements and accessories can help your guest bathroom exude style:

  • Vessel Basin:

This kind of basin will make a fashion statement. They look wonderful with both wall-mounted bathroom taps and a basin mixer. Choose a coloured or two-tone coloured bowl for something truly eye-catching.

  • Coloured Bathroom Taps:

While small in size, coloured bathroom taps in your guest bathroom can make a big style statement. In particular, matte black bathroom taps have emerged as a must-have, but other hues like gunmetal, brushed gold, and brushed nickel is all becoming more popular.

  • Smart Toilet:

Installing a smart toilet, often referred to as a Japanese toilet, in the guest bathroom is the best approach to amaze your visitors. These toilets offer adjustable controls for water temperature, water pressure, air drying temperature, water pulsating settings, and many other features. They are quickly becoming essential bathroom fixtures.

  • Heated Towel Rail:

After a revitalising shower or a soothing bath, there is nothing better than wrapping yourself in a large, fluffy warm towel. Your visitors will experience staying in a day spa!

  • Shower System:

Consider installing a shower system in your guest bathroom to offer yet another element of luxury. These showers feature a separate, detachable hand-held shower head along with an overhead shower fitting on an adjustable rail. The overhead fitting provides your guests with the feeling of "showering in the rain" and enables a more revitalizing full spray.

Play around with colour

As guest bathrooms are frequently quite small, choosing the proper colour scheme is crucial to creating a bright, friendly atmosphere. Guest bathrooms are a terrific area to experiment with colours that you might be hesitant to use in your main bathroom, as we noted above.

As an alternative, going with a monochromatic colour scheme always results in a spectacular finish. You may choose white wall tiles, a white free-standing bath, a black vanity, and matte black bathroom taps to complete the aesthetic. A floor with a black-and-white check pattern might assist to balance the tones and give the design more personality.

Why not use an accent wall if you're looking for something a little more understated? When combined with neutral colours like white and grey, accent walls can be used to provide colour and enlarge a small guest bathroom.

Sufficient Room For Storing

Making sure there is enough storage space for frequent visitors to utilise is something many of us forget to consider when building a guest bathroom. There ought to be an adequate place for them to keep their belongings if you want to ensure that they feel at home while living with you.

A clever concept to take into account is a vanity with a drawer at the bottom. A deeply recessed storage cabinet hidden behind a vanity mirror with sliding or hinged doors can be the best option if space is limited and you need "hidden" storage options.

If you don't have enough space, floating shelves are great options. Everything will stay neat and organised if there are baskets on shelves and in drawers. To make the most of any available space, storage ladders and carts might be employed.


Remember to add the finishing touches.

The smallest things can occasionally have the biggest effects. Here are some essentials to finish off your stunning guest bathroom design:

  • A resin tray for arranging ornamental objects like candles, packaged soap, and lotions. Everyone loves Aesop, and it's a delightful treat to use. Place 3, 5, 7, or any other odd number of items on a tray to create a fashionable arrangement. These numbers always look nicer to the eye.

  • Orchids are a fantastic choice for decorative plants because they prefer filtered, indirect light. Zanzibars are also excellent because they are remarkably simple to produce indoors and have a luxuriant appearance. Fresh flowers are also always beautiful.

  • Spend money on luxuriously thick washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels made of 100% cotton and a high thread count for your visitors.

  • Stock up - If you're expecting extended-stay guests, they'll appreciate it if you fill your bathroom vanity with items like cotton balls, toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a razor that they might have neglected to pack.

  • Bin - This may seem obvious, but you'd be amazed at how many guest restrooms lack a place to discard old tissues, wrappers, etc. To avoid having your bin stand out like a sore thumb, make sure it complements your colour scheme.

Do you now see what a terrific way you may breathe new life into your guest bathroom? Take our word for it; you'll be astonished when you see the outcome. Starting with the bathroom faucets, a luxurious bathroom is likely to be praised by your visitors whenever they visit you if everything is structured and ordered tastefully.

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